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Gerry Smith Project Show Real :

Gerry Smith Project Show Real :

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Welcome to the Well Oiled Machine! Be prepared to be inspired!

Since uniting their efforts in 2020, the members of the group have recorded 18 songs bound for their album.

The band is disability led, with a mix of neurodiversity and physical challenges. Every instrumentalist in this band is an APRA award-winning songwriter (in addition to the hundreds of other awards they have garnered between them). They have a commitment to spreading disability awareness through Gerry’s own unique story and aim to reach out to others struggling with their own disabilities and mental health. 

This project is right up there with their most important and satisfying work as they have been so inspired by collaborating with Gerry.

Band members:

Gerry Smith (songwriting/vocals)

Eric McCusker (songwriting hits including Come said the Boy, State of the Heart)

Jake Mason (much awarded and over a billion streams)

Bobby Bright (hit songs) 

Jessica Paige (Best Song Composed for Screen nominee /APRA Award winning songwriter).  
There is also a network of  mixed ability artists to bring along for the ride and share their own beautiful music as support Acts and headliners.

The Well Oiled Machine members collaborations have yielded so much. Our shared love of music and its uplifting properties, the wish to make a difference to people who have accessibility issues, coupled with our wonderful experience collaborating on this project draw us to spread the magic and let others witness and benefit from its transformational powers.  Jess

A collective of Melbourne musicians formed around Gerry Smith, with producer and songwriter Jessica Paige, and many luminaries of the Melbourne music scene,  collaborating to make a distinctive album of their songs.

After busking for years (in his amazing motorized wheelchair), and chipping away at the recording of his album, Gerry Smith was awarded a grant by Music Victoria in 2021 to prepare for a tour of disability homes and care facilities with the aim of bringing music to people in the disabled community.  

After having to pivot several times during the long Covid lockdowns, the grant helped Gerry and his team of award-winning musicians to record the songs for his debut album and to make videos of the process and the songs.  

The studio sessions were wonderful, inspiring and rewarding times, as everyone collaborated to bring Gerry’s vision to fruition. The plan  to form a band to tour to the centres grew, to spread the special results of the collaborations and perhaps also open new horizons and inspire others in confidence in their own creativity and abilities.  

So now we are looking at bookings for the right accessible venues in order to bring this inspiring music to audiences at community centres and disability homes, to connect people together from all parts of the community. This band contributes to break down barriers and preconceptions and is a unique way to bring the magic of music, with its universal bond, to receptive audiences.  

This Band is on the rise, and nothing can stop them from achieving the success they’ve worked so hard for.
Check them out on the About the Band page.

How They Got Here

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