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Well Oiled Machine Projects 

The band is going from strength to strength and is looking for opportunities to perform around Melbourne and at festivals. 

April 2023 Bourke St Mall Well Oiled Machine

April 2023 Bourke St Mall Well Oiled Machine

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Live Gigs

In April the band performed in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, enabled and assisted by a contribution from Melbourne City Council . This performance was very well-received and a lot of fun for all who watched and participated. We had a special guest appearance from Melbourne's top busker, George Kamikawa, on harmonica! 

In June 2022 the band played a gig at Jimmy Hornets in Richmond, featuring  Jake Mason, Eric McCusker, Jessica Paige and Gerry Smith.  The audience loved to hear the renditions of hit songs "This Girl" and "Come, Said the Boy" by their original songwriters as well as the new songs they have co-written for the new album coming up. 

CD Recording Project

Gerry, Eric, x, Jess, Luke Howard, David jones.jpg

This recording project has been in progress since 2019. It takes a long time to organise and fund through busking!

A recent Music Victoria Grant has contributed to recording the debut album, along with over 1000 hours of busking over three years, supporting their efforts. This has led to collaborations with song-writing greats, Eric McCusker (Whispering Jack, Come Said the Boy), Jake Mason (This Girl), Tim Wild (Get Set) and Jessica Paige (APRA award winning songwriter). They have polished and recorded the songs bound for the album, and in the process they have formed a band called “Gerry Smith’s Well-Oiled Machine”.  

Putting his heart on the line, telling the truth through his lyrics, however raw, Gerry is not afraid to talk about the human condition and bare all for the sake of others, in the hope that no-one will feel alone in their struggles. His passion and courage will also, no doubt, inspire others with the confidence to tackle their own projects.

​Now the CD is in the final stages as Jessica compiles the takes and puts it all together ready for mixing and mastering. Featuring the songs of Gerry Smith and co-writing collaborations with Jake Mason, Eric McCusker and Jessica Paige. Amazing artists, including Luke Howard (much awarded international pianist ) and David Jones (master drummer) have contributed instrumental sessions to the project.


TV Series in development

This is a spin off project  called "Fable Bodied".  The TV show project is in its draft stages and is also disability-led and enabled by a team of differently-abled actors and crew.  Jessica advertised for actors with disabiilities and neuro challenges to collaborate and participate in this series about all types of people. The series shines a light on attitudes with entertaining perspectives from people who really know.  The team is workshopping the drafts and looking for sponsorship for the next stages.  Gerry is involved as well as 13 other participants. 


How They Got Here

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